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Free Snacks & Joe Boxer Apparel: Help us Launch the Underwear Affair!

We are launching the Underwear Affair in Vancouver we need your help! To kick things off we are staging fun and funky demonstrations against underwear cancers complete with picket lines, chanting, and homemade signage. We want you to join us on the picket line and raise awareness about these insidious cancers and the Underwear Affair. Come on down and join to make your voice heard. It is time we lift the taboos surrounding underwear cancers and put these diseases on the run!

April 29th we would like demonstrators to arrive at the BC Cancer Foundation Special Events Office at absolutely not one minute later than 11am. Seems strict, but it's very important =) We plan to start the demonstration at noon. NOTE: DO NOT JUST SHOW UP! YOU MUST RSVP by NO LATER than April 27th, 2009. You will NOT be participating without RSVPing! You need all of the proper details to participate =)

The Art Gallery in Vancouver (Robson side) Media will be invited for 12:30 and things wrap up around 2pm.

Since the UA is all about putting the fun back in fundraiser we want everyone to dress the part. As you do on event come out in crazy costumes, funky getup, underwear or with underwear over your pants. Given the prevalence of underwear cancers and the need for events like the Underwear Affair we need our demonstration to grab attention.

We will provide you with snacks and beverages to help fuel you during the demonstration. All we ask is that you show up in fun, funky attire as you would on event and that you come for ready for a good time on the picket line.

For more info on how to participate in the demonstration against underwear cancers to kickoff the 2009 Underwear Affair please contact Monika Whitney at mwhitney@endcancer.ca by April 20th, 2009.
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